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Celebration Cakes

We love celebrating occasions with cake - I mean, who doesn't?


Have a look at our gallery to see some of our favourite custom cakes.

All of our cakes are wheat free*.


Some of our favourite flavours include;

Vanilla bean


Salted Caramel (Bronze-awarded 2020),

Lemon Curd

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Victoria Sponge

Coffee & Walnut

Chocolate Orange

If you have an idea for a different flavour, or a custom design, just get in touch using the form below.

Our celebration cakes are comprised of 4 layers of sponge, layered with buttercream. Depending on what you require, these can be stacked, covered in buttercream or fondant. Just chat with us about what you need. A rough guide to our prices is listed below, although each celebration cake we make is bespoke, which means we will create a personalised quote just for you.

The Cakes

'The Mini' (4-6 servings) - From £50

'The Intimate' - (6-8) - From £55

'The Party' - (10-12) - From £65

'The Shindig' - (18-20) - From £80

'The Hootenanny' - (30-36) - From £100

'The Big One' (Sheet cake, 40-60) - From £115

(These prices are based on buttercream covered cakes - all prices are dependent upon the size and detail of the cake. For fondant covered cakes, the price will be higher, as they are more technical and take a lot longer to create).

Cake Pops

Minimum order x12 - From £2.50 each (depending on complexity of design)


Minimum order x12 - From £2.50 each


Minimum order x24 - From £3.00 each

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