The Triple Chocolate Pops

Introducing our NEW Triple Chocolate Cake Pops. Chocolate sponge, mixed with chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and dizzled with both dark and white it's more like quintuple chocolate (but that's not as catchy). In this delicious parcel, you get 6 cake pops, which you can share with your family, or just keep all to yourself - we don't judge.


GF and WF, but due to the cooking environment, we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens, so are unsuitable for Coeliacs and severe allergy sufferers - we're sorry. May contain nuts including peanuts and seeds including almonds.

The Triple Chocolate Pops

Box Size
  • Keeping Your Pops Fresh

    Keep your pops in the fridge for up to 10 days (if they last that long!)

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